Sales Formats – The Value of Business Assets
Sales Formats

Sales Formats – The Value of Business Assets

Depending on the particular situation, Maynards may purchase the assets outright, provide disposition services on a straight commission basis or provide a net minimum sales guarantee.

In instances where time is of the essence or the client requires immediate liquidity, Maynards can assist by initiating an outright purchase of the assets. This allows the client to move on to more critical issues as opposed to being tied up in the asset sales process.

Commission or Flat Fee
When clients have multiple plants or locations, certain assets can quite often be reused at a different location. As the overall pool of assets to be sold is uncertain, Maynards can provide its services on either a straight commission as a percentage of sales, or a flat fee structure with a pre-determined expense budget for the value of assets.

This fee structure gives the client additional time to make the right business decisions and provides them with the flexibility to add or remove assets as necessary, up to a certain date.

Net Minimum Guarantee
In a Net Minimum Guarantee (NMG) situation, Maynards will appraise the value of assets and determine a minimum amount the assets will sell for. Our appraisers will then guarantee the client the NMG amount, offering a customized participation schedule after the NMG amount has been reached. Should sale proceeds exceed the NMG, the client’s overall return on the value of assets also increases.

A Net Minimum Guarantee structure establishes a minimum amount the client can budget for when forecasting the asset sale proceeds, and also allows the client to profit on the upside when the sales proceeds exceed a certain threshold.

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