Used Automotive Plant Equipment Auctioneers

Maynards is the largest automotive facility machine equipment auctioneer and liquidator in the world, with more than $250 million in gross automotive equipment sales since 2005. The company currently has millions of square feet of automotive manufacturing facilities under exclusive contract. Maynards is the sole General Motors automotive equipment recovery specialist in North America and Europe, and was recently awarded the same position for Chrysler North America. The company has also handled significant projects for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Bosch, Visteon , Ernst & Young, KPMG, GE, Bank of America, HSBC, and most major financial institutions in North America.

Automotive Facility Machine Equipment Sales

  • Responsible for more than $250-million in used automotive shop equipment sales over the past five years, including the sale of more than 20 complete production facilities.
  • Exclusive, multi-year asset recovery contracts with GM North America, GM Europe, and Chrysler North America; responsible for the 2009-2012 liquidation and sale of 16 GM auto plant auctions under the control of Motors Liquidation Company/Racer.
  • 47 years of automotive asset disposition experience.

Automotive Equipment & Auto Plant Auctions

Maynards proudly offers professional and comprehensive auto plant auction solutions, which are backed by extensive hands-on asset appraisal expertise. Automotive industry clients benefit immeasurably from our decades of industry experience, extensive range of contacts, and innovative strategic thinking. In each case, we create customized global sales programs to maximize recovery potential. The personal involvement of Maynards’ senior management guarantees that each client fully benefits from our hands-on asset valuation and disposal of their used automotive shop equipment for sale.

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