Maynards Advisory Services – Commercial Restructuring Advice

Maynards Advisory Services – Commercial Restructuring Advice

Maynards has assembled a team of professionals with a diverse range of experience and skills to provide commercial restructuring advice, strategic financial advisory services and solutions to senior management and the board of directors of companies facing financial difficulties.

Strategic commercial restructuring advice and recommendations can be provided in the areas of asset and business dispositions, finance based reorganizations and recapitalizations, capital sourcing and identification of compatible strategic partners.

The Maynards Restructuring Advisory Group (“Group”) compliments Maynards’ core business of asset conversion through liquidation or auction.

The Group’s broad industry and multi-disciplinary expertise and commercial restructuring advice is available to assist shareholders, directors and special committees assess strategic alternatives for companies in potentially troubling credit situations. Primary relationships exist with select private equity groups.

The Group can also provide transaction support services and assist companies to source, structure and negotiate restructuring finance through more traditional capital market relationships:

  • Buy-Out Funds
  • Asset-Backed Lenders
  • Mezzanine Debt Funds and Senior Lenders
  • International and Institutional Lenders and Investors

In these turbulent economic times, financial resources are limited and the pressure to achieve timely results is significant. Distressed merger and capital sourcing requires an approach customized to the circumstances and sensitivities of each business. The Group is capable of providing efficient solutions in a pro-active and practical manner designed to protect your business interest.

Their combined divestiture, merger and restructuring experience, commercial restructuring advice and knowledge are available to assist in the evaluation of available strategic financial options and alternatives.

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