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non-Required Assets of Proper Group

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    Online-Only Webcast:
    Tuesday, May 21st at 11am EDT
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    By appointment only.
13870 E. Eleven Mile Road
Warren, , United States
Mario Mazzuca
Main: 1 248 569-9781
Due to reinvestment in new technology, assets no longer required in the continuing operations of Proper Group International - Global Online-Only Webcast Auction of Late Model, Large Capacity CNC Machining Equipment
IMSA Model MF1200BBLL CNC Horizontal Gun Drill (New 2013) • Kuraki Model KBT-11E7 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill (New 2007) • OKK Model VM 76R CNC Vertical Machining Center (New 2015)• Amino Model DSP100Y 100-Ton Hydraulic Spotting Press (New 2008 • Makino Model EDNC85W RAM Type Electrical Discharge Machine (New 2014) • Kuraki Model KMV-130 Double Column CNC Vertical Bridge Mill• 3) FPT Model Raid 3-Axis High Speed Dual Column CNC Horizontal Machining Centers• Sigma Model SDV-3219 Double Column CNC Vertical Machining Center • Makino Model SNC64 High Speed Graphite CNC Vertical Machining Center • Parpas Model BF-160-NC CNC Vertical Machining Center• Mitsubishi Model FA20S CNC Electrical Discharge Machine• OKK Model VM-7 CNC Vertical Machining • OKK Model VM5III CNC Vertical Machining Center • Dynamic Speed Model ZX-1060 CNC Vertical Machining Center• Okuma Model MC60VAE 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center• OKK Model PG8 CNC Vertical Machining Center• Makino Model V33 CNC Vertical Machining Center• OKK Model VM-7 CNC Vertical Machining Center• Droop & Rein Model FSM1406D30KA CNC Vertical Milling Machine• Leblond Makino Model EDNC-106W Ram Type CNC Electrical Discharge Machine• Leblond Makino Model EDNC-85 Ram Type CNC Electrical Discharge Machine• Leblond Makino Model SNC64 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine • Erowa Automation Model UPC-L Easy Change XT Custom Rotary Parts Feeder• Okuma Model Cadet Mate CNC Vertical Machining Center• OKK Model VM5-II 3-Axis CNC Vertical Milling• 2) Viper Model VMC950-G CNC Vertical Machining Centers • Okuma Model LNC-8C CNC Turning Center• 2) Acer Model E-Mill-FVS-3VSII Vertical Milling Machines (New 2014)
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