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About Our Valuation & Appraisal Services

With global business operations, and over 100 years of valuation and appraisal services and expertise, we are experts at recognizing, unlocking and extracting value.

With permanent offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, China and Japan, Maynards' professional valuation and appraisal services staff is ideally positioned to view and value assets around the world. As a world leader in asset disposition services, we use our first-hand knowledge of auction results, our unmatched proprietary database, and decades of on-site expertise to provide recovery values in both auction and orderly liquidation scenarios.

Maynards' professional machinery and equipment appraisers complete hundreds of reports annually in dozens of industry segments, providing our clients with real-world obtainable value conclusions. We often support our appraisal numbers with a cash offer or net minimum sale guarantee if the client subsequently chooses to liquidate the assets.

Every year, Maynards valuation and appraisal services assist companies in obtaining working capital by valuing assets promised as collateral to asset-based lenders and investors. Appraisals are also a vital part of any major acquisition, providing corporations with reassurance that purchase dollars have been allocated properly and giving an accurate starting point to begin taking book depreciation. Additionally, our valuation and appraisal services allow corporations to determine prices for machinery and equipment intended for internal redeployment, while also allowing for efficient external sales should there be no internal use opportunity. Our clients are ensured the most accurate appraisals due to our in-depth knowledge of asset conditions and values and our comprehensive research, all combined with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


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The Maynards Valuation Model

1. Review of assets and scope of project.

Maynards senior management reviews the proposal, according to the client's specifications, and assigns the appraiser with the highest level of relevant experience in the industry to begin the project.

2. Assets appraised.

Maynards expert professionals appraise the assets in question, whether via desktop, on-site or at multiple production locations around the world, and create a detailed asset and condition list along with recovery values for all machinery and equipment. Maynards maintains consistent communication with the client throughout the appraisal process, answering any questions that might arise and clarifying the valuation process and terms as needed.

3. Market research.

Maynards appraisers review extensive internal and external databases for comparable asset sales figures, examine Maynards' historical realized sales values of comparable assets, and perform industry specific research related to the assets in question. Our FLV, OLV and FMV values are then verified through confidential discussion with dealers, OEMs, and comparable online sales records. All the information is collected and examined to produce the final appraisal report. To ensure clarity and ensure that each file receives expert oversight, Maynards' senior appraisers regularly peer-review reports before submission to clients.

4. Appraisal report presented to client.

Maynards industrial asset valuations are USPAP compliant, and our personnel are in good standing with the ASA, AMEA, CEA and CPPAG. Reports are prepared to meet all value definitions, including:
  • Forced / Auction Value
  • Gross Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Net Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Fair Market Value
  • Fair Value (IFRS)

Maynards believes that a thorough appraisal demands more than industry experience alone, as many factors together are responsible for determining proper equipment values. Our valuation and appraisal services reports are the result of careful consideration of the assets in question as well as company’s industry and the market forces at play in that industry. Before the appraisal can be submitted to the client, it is peer-reviewed to ensure the utmost accuracy and that no factor is left unconsidered. An unwavering commitment to accuracy is our promise to our clients. For specific information on Maynards’ appraisal services, please contact one of our valuation and appraisal services experts.



We provide comprehensive valuation and appraisal services for projects of all sizes, including:


Whole Industrial Plants and Facilities

Machinery and Equipment

Commercial and Consumer Retail Inventories


Our formal valuation and appraisal services reports are used for a range of purposes:


Asset Disposition and/or Acquisition

Audit & Review

Corporate Financing

Insurance Risk & Compliance

Going Concern Selling

Merger and Acquisition

Recovery & Reorganization

Litigation Support


Maynards Appraisal Reports Support the Business Decisions of a Range of Clients:


Fortune 500 Corporations

Turnaround Managers and CROs

Law Firms

Banks and Financial Institutions

Private Equity Firms

Financing Companies

ABL Professionals

Bankruptcy trustees and Receivers

Accountants in Insolvency / Estate

Private Business Owners

Manufacturing and Retail Firms

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